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Learning to Drive Spirit

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Just as first time driver learning to drive a car, one must understand the basics of applying gas, breaks and how to shift gears. The same is true for the basics of healing and navigating our internal world. In this video I introduce the these basics on how to connect with your heart and your body in order to begin learning how to navigate your inner realms with the most important tool…Love. This is the basic and most important step to learn for the your healing and ascension journey to your higher versions of your self. In this video I guide you through a quick method to connect to your heart and to embody the emotion of love and use it as a tool. Being able to embody the emotion of love is the single most important part to this exercise and meditation. Love is the tool, the screwdriver, the currency of your inner realms and learning how to foster it on command is the most important foundational step in this journey.

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