Shaun Rabah - Visual Artist 

"Get out of your own way", a message I attempt to live by daily. I consider myself a medium of some sort connecting this reality with something that wants to be shown and created from a place intangible yet imaginable and felt. It is when we find this place and step aside, that the best work sees light.

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Shaun visual art and painting pursuits started in 2011 and quickly grew with each work created and exhibited. His painting career started as a side project in his apartment's hallway in Dupont Circle area of Washington, DC. Soon this hallway was know locally as Hallyway 606 and was home to many works that found their way to respected galleries, interior designers and in Home & Design magazine. Shaun has auctioned works for select institutions and non profits such as Human Rights Foundation and the Edward Said Foundation. He continues to keep a do good aspect to his creations with personal projects the likes of the Catalyst Project & Streaming Alchemist. 

In 2016, the road became Shaun's home as he sold all that he owned in search of a new place to grow and create. This journey set the stage for a close to a three year nomadic inspired journey across parts of Europe, Morocco and the Middle East. His traveling became more steady between extended stays in Malaga, Spain and Bucharest.

These  journeys inspired his latest series of paintings, which are collection sculpturesque shrine styled paintings dedicated to the different facets of the one's perceived identity. 

The "I" collection, which is a celebration to the self has a contrasting yet equally important collection of works named the Wahid Collection. Wahid, meaning one in Shaun's father tongue, Arabic. This collection of work celebrates the unity exhibited in humans through the use of facial micro-expressions around the mouth as individuals are recorded thinking of different negative and positive moments of their life without talking or consciously expressing anything. The aim of the project is to illustrate and celebrated the commonality in forms of expression beneath the adopted identities that each person has.