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Shaun Rabah is a multimedia artist who explores concepts of identity, emotion, and connection through different forms of artworks ranging from video to geometric abstract paintings, His paintings traverse space and geometry with richly colored and textured motifs. His accompanying videographic works center on human facial and micro-expressions as a form of communication to express emotion and connection.


Shaun Rabah was born in Valletta, Malta in 1981 to a Palestinian Jordanian father and an American mother. He has been exhibiting his visual art since 2011. Many of his works have found their way into respected galleries, and private collections and have also been featured in Home & Design magazine. His work has also been auctioned for select institutions and non-profits such as the Human Rights Foundation and the Edward Said Foundation. 

In 2016, the road became Shaun's home. He sold all that he owned in search of a new place to grow and create. This decision set the stage for a three-year journey across parts of Europe, Morocco, and the Middle East. His travels slowly shifted to extended stays between Malaga, Spain, and Bucharest, Romania. These experiences inspired his two latest works,  “I” and “U”. The “I” collection is inspired by his personal spiritual journey of rediscovering the many facets that make up the self or the ego. The collection features a series of geometric forms that create a depth of space hinting to a doorway or portal to a deeper and higher understanding of self. The paintings feature different spheres dedicated to one's perceived identity and what is contained within them.


While the "I" collection is a celebration of the self, Shaun’s latest series the “U”  has a contrasting yet equally important message to share. U, focuses on the micro-expressions around the mouth, which is said to be the window to the heart. The work has taken on an added significance and relevance with the onset of the Coronavirus epidemic with the mandates of masks, which shroud these micro-expressions and are leading to further alienation, isolation, and separation amongst us. This work explores new ways of understanding and feeling each other’s stories through facial expressions and emotions. His works are part of the Eithad Bank collection and The Jordanian National Gallery of Art.




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Solo Exhibitions


2021 U, Pop Up Exhibition, Swefieh Village, Amman, Jordan

2019 Wahid, Taita Studio, Malaga, Spain

2015 Mending Minds, Jerusalem Fund Gallery, Washington, DC

2013 Color Causality, Susan Calloway Fine Arts, Washington, DC

2012 Open House Series, Century 21 Redwood Realty, Washington DC


Group Exhibitions

2022 Wadi Finan Art Gallery, U: Union, Amman, Jordan

2021 Arts & Politics, From Dreams to Reality, Virtual Art Exhibition

2021 ArtKeys Prize 03, Video Art Finalist, Agropoli, Italy

2021 DAR Art Fair, Amman, Jordan

2021 Amnesia Festival, Petrich, Bulgaria

2020 Art is Not Optional, Jerusalem Fund Gallery, Washington, DC

2016 Forbidden Colors, Jerusalem Fund Gallery, Washington, DC

2014 Intentional Baltimore Release Event, Area 405, Baltimore, MD

2012 You Can Buy Art!, Susan Calloway Fine Arts, Washington, DC

2012 17th St Preview,  Century 21 Redwood Realty, Washington, DC

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