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Musical Healing Journey

An Online Live Musically Guided Healing Breathwork and Transmutation Journey.

Cracked Earth
Image by Julia Caesar

Presented by Shaun Rabah,
Multidisciplinary Artist & Healing Facilitator.

Join us at the intersection of healing and artistic performance in an online LIVE guided musical journey of healing and rejuvenation honoring you and the new moon.

Gently Heal In The Power of Song

In This Musical Healing Journey You Will Uncover You Through

Powerful Life Insights

  • Heal From Home

  • Online Event

  • 2.5-Hour Musical Journey

  • Live Performance

  • Guided Meditation

  • Divine 432hz Tuning

  • Receive Divine Guidance

  • Remove Chakra Blocks

  • New Moon Intentions

  • Enjoy the Journey Laying Down

  • Be Guided By a Natural Channel

  • Soothing Voice & Melodies

  • Shamanic Inspired Chanting

  • Live Channeled Improve Songs

  • Release Pain and Limiting Beliefs

  • Feel Lighter and Energised 

  • Connect with Your Heart

  • Connect with Your Guides and Higher self

  • Make Peace

  • Cry, Laugh, Love and Dance

Musical Healing Journey Live Performance
Musical Healing Journey Live Performance
27 ene 2023, 19:30 GMT+3
Online Event
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